We’re your one stop Educational Resource Center!

Beyond Boundaries is an educational resource center, providing all the tools needed to ensure your child's academic success.  We contribute to your child's education using research-based interventions and strategies in academics and behavior.  We also provide parental advocacy, mentorship, college readiness, support in behavior health and support to students with disabilities. 

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•  Free Learning Assessments
•  Individualized Learning Plans
•  Online, One on One, and mSmall Group Sessions
•  Progress Monitoring

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Special Needs

  Accommodations / mModifications
•  IEP/ 504Plans
•  Student Engagement
•  Parent Advocacy

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Behavior Health

•  Core Service
•  Intensive Family mIntervention
•  Behavioral Intervention mPlans
•  Community Integration

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College Readiness

•   Applications and Essays
•   Financial Aid / Scholarships

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Let us take your Child's Education one step higher

With all of our resources and experience we can show you the way.